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Cyber Secure IT/OT Infrastructure and Digital Solutions

Autonomous Haulage Solutions

Autonomous Trucks & Mining Mobile Equipment

Project Management

Outcome Based Delivery – Capital Projects & Program Management


Business Analysis & Improvement

Mining Value Chain Automation

Equipment & Decision Automation

Engineering Solution Designs

Concept of Operations, High Level & Detailed Design

Business Strategy

Business Strategy Development & Implementation

Fixed Plant Control Systems Value Chain Automation

Control systems processes and bottleneck improvements

Operational Readiness

Transition to Support and Asset Integration Planning

Culture & Continuous Improvement

People Productivity & Efficiency

Asset Management & Sustainability

Asset Health - Mobile & Fixed Plant Equipment

Standards/Blueprint Development Implementation & Sustainability

Business Processes, Systems and Locking in Value

Safety, Risk Management & Sustainability

Healthcare Systems Automation and Process Improvement

Road Construction Processes and Systems Improvement

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